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caillou games for kids.

play games with KY-YOO and learn with him. the best kids game featuring cartoon character caillou. play caillou games online for free at 8mms.

caillou is a funny cartoon character from the cartoon show ‘Caillou’ aired on PBS. aimed mainly for kids and teens. we at 8mms are featuring some games made with this cartoon show and the main character. have fun kids.

To prarents…

like the caillou tv show itself, these games are made for kids under age 5. if you have a child who likes cartoons and still learning words, numbers and coloring etc… you can open these games on your pc browser or on a mobile device and let your todller pay. they will quickly learn new things because it is a proven fact that when presented in a way kids enjoy, they will qucikly grasp anything.