Thing Thing Arena 4

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Thing Thing Arena 4 Online Game

Thing Thing Arena is the greatest online flash game ever developed. with the brand new game style makes this game apart from other traditional flash games. with fast-moving characters and quick respond time and syncing with the payer, this game surely makes a great online gaming experience. payer will have a large choice of tools and weapons. you can customize almost anything about this game, such as character, weapons and levels. player can even change their accessories like gloves, yes gloves. lets see how long you can last in this game. have fun.

Game Description:
this is the last version of thing thing series and the flow of the story continues. thing thing arena 4 even has a little back story / flashback in case you missed the previous games. this version 4 includes more guns and more levels with a lot more fun of course. action buttons are customizable. your game progress is automatically saved to the browser cache.


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